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The Cricket Game Evolution Cricket Betting Tips

The Cricket Game Evolution Cricket Betting Tips

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We've all heard the story where the cow jumped over the moon, and to do that he must have been a sacred cow indeed, well it just so happens that in the Hindu religion cows are sacred. Indians also love their sports, especially Cricket Betting Tips Betting Tips. So, you can be sure as India's space program pushes off into the future, they will wish to play Cricket Betting Tips on the Moon too. Now then, logistically this might be a tough sport to play on the moon, but I have no doubt the Indians will find a way. Okay so, let's talk a little bit about how to make all of this possible for that potential eventuality, as it's only a couple of decades away now, and India will have its first space colony on the lunar surface or a subsurface space colony there. All that really needs to happen for people to play Cricket Betting Tips on the moon is for them to find an area which is relatively flat, and then wearing special breathing apparatuses, and special spacesuits which allow maximum movement of the body, then they can begin to play their favorite game.

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Of course, we shouldn't forget that in low gravity environments, the Cricket Betting Tips player may batt the ball so hard that they send it out of their oval playing field and into low orbit around the moon. Now then, they may not be able to put it in orbit, but they might be able to hit so hard that goes a mile away. Therefore, the cricket live betting committee will have to design a special MPS (like a GPS) "Moon Positioning System" to help find it. I can imagine the people on earth watching cricket live betting being played on the moon, and smiling with joy watching humans have fun in space. There is another way to play cricket live betting on the moon and that would be to play it in an augmented reality C.A.V.E. environment, and they can do it inside the lunar colony without taking up very much space. In fact, each team member could play their positions and all that information could be put into the computer, which would determine the winner. Meanwhile, when the computer was done with the game, all the players could watch it in a holographic 3-D simulated version of the game they all just played individually, in the augmented reality CAVE.

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Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you are a star cricket live betting player, and you one day imagine yourself playing on the moon, then please shoot me an e-mail let's talk. Like most games cricket live betting has developed with Time and Technology. For any game to survive for centuries the leaders or the controllers of the game has to come with some unique ideas so that it gets promoted within the people who are new to it as well as it remains fresh for the fans of the game. Cricket has followed that path as well from five day tests to one day internationals and now T20s. The rules have changed as well which has helped in Globalization of Cricket. T20s have revolutionized the Game and became so popular that the game is now played in most parts of the world. It's a shortened format of Cricket that has made the game more interesting. But for the die hard fans "Test Cricket" still remains at the peak.