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'Perhaps Ponting experienced fly slack': Ex-PAK commander on 'Surya is like ABD' rem

'Perhaps Ponting experienced fly slack': Ex-PAK commander on 'Surya is like ABD' remark

Talking on The ICC Review, Ponting contrasted the player and AB de Villiers. Nonetheless, the remark didn't go down well with previous Pakistan skipper who barbarously savaged the Aussie legend for his examination explanation.

Previous Australia skipper Ricky Pointing was on Monday loaded with acclaim for India batting star Suryakumar Yadav, who positions second after Babar Azam in ICC rundown of hitters in T20I cricket. In his conversation over Suryakumar's ideal batting position in the playing XI in the India T20I side for the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup, Ponting contrasted the hitter and AB de Villiers. Be that as it may, the remark didn't go down well with previous Pakistan commander Salman Butt who brutally savaged the Aussie legend for his correlation proclamation.

Talking on The ICC Review, Ponting hailed Suryakumar's pyro procedure capacities with the bat in T20 cricket and consequently looked at his 360-degree way of batting with that South Africa legend De Villiers.

"Surya (Yadav) scores 360 degrees around the ground, a piece like an AB de Villiers did when he was in his genuine prime. The lap shots, the late cuts, you know, the slopes over the guardian's head. He can hit down the ground," he had said.

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Notwithstanding, Butt, talking on his YouTube channel, mocked Ponting for contrasting the India player and De Villiers. Butt accepts that world cricket has never seen a player of De Villiers' ability and felt that the previous Aussie cricketer ought to have rather trusted that Suryakumar will demonstrate his value in enormous competitions prior to making this correlation.

"Indeed, even Suryakyumar would understand that the examination was all in all too much. Suryakumar has quite recently begun playing global cricket. He is skilled and has played a few generally excellent thumps. Yet, directly to AB de Villiers? Ponting ought to haved held up a smidgen more. Suryakumar is yet to play in enormous competitions. Truth is no one at any point has played cricket like De Villiers. You can perhaps come close him with Viv Richards," Butt said.

"I think no player like that has even gotten a bat as of late. The effect must be of that level that restrictions know that in the event that you can't excuse him you can't dominate the game or somebody who groups the expertise of making an unbelievable circle back in a game. I feel nobody in even late history has at any point played like him. There is Root, Williamson, Kohli too who has been world no.1 batsman and has scored amazing hundreds, Rohit Sharma also. Yet, you skirt this large number of names and immediately leap to De Villiers...maybe Ponting experienced a fly slack."

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